Nordlichter in Hannover!

On Saturday 14th, several JEF-sections from Northern Germany came together for a big meeting in Hannover (Nordlichter-Treffen). Although some members had to take long journeys – it was a five hours trip from Flensburg and even seven hours from Greifswald – many JEF-ers convened to discuss and develop a programme with interesting events for 2017.

It was agreed upon in Hannover that we wanted to arrange more Nordlichter events in the future. Also, we learned more about the upcoming elections and the thread of populist parties/extreme right wing parties in Italy, France, Netherlands and Germany.

Looking ahead, we also discussed the next Nordlichtertreffen in Bremen (hostel accomodation, programme) on 28th January, where the main issues will be the challenges of (extreme) rightwing movements and populism in 2017.
By the way, Bremen is also a candidate and an attractive venue for the next federal congress! Let’s see how it is going on…

Finally, it was a great atmosphere to discuss and develop ideas on how to spread the values of JEF-organisations in Northern Germany by creating common communication tools.

Thank you very much #JEFHannover for inviting us and we are now looking forward to seeing all of you again on 28th January in Bremen!